Plano convex cylindrical lens



Surface quality


Design wavelength

587.6 nm

Focal length tolerace



≤5 arcmin

cylindrical lens detail

A plano-convex cylindrical lens has a plane surface on one side and a cylinder one on the other side, and it has a positive focal length.

Unlike a spherical lens, a cylindrical lens takes action on a beam in only one direction. Cylindrical lenses are commonly used for beam shaping. Typical applications include dual cylindrical lens collimation and rounded laser diode output beams.

In order to reduce spherical aberration, a plano-convex cylindrical lens is used to focus a collimating beam into a line, and the beam should be incident on the lens surface. For collimation, the beam should be incident on the lens plane surface.


  • Bar code scanner
  • Laser emission
  • Projection optical system
  • Linear imaging, linear photo light guide
  • Holographic lighting
  • Optical information processing

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