Optical IPL filter for hair removal


Optical glass, K9, Fused Silica,



Cut-off wavalength


Transmitted wavelength




ipl filter wavelength

  • Material: N-BK7, B270, Fused Silica or other
  • Size: 32*13*1.1mm, or customized <80mm
  • Usage: hair removal instrument, beauty instrument

We are specialized in producing filter for hair removal and beauty instrument.

It is mainly used in the household and medical hair removal equipment with whitening and tender skin, fecking and depilation functions.

Commonly used wavelengths are 420nm, 470nm, 530nm, 560nm, 580nm, 610nm, 640nm, 690nm, etc., our company can also make according to customer requirements.

The 640nm beauty filter is the key optical element of the hair removal. It blocks the ultraviolet and blue wavelengths and penetrates the useful light of 640~1200nm.

Through the use of 640nm filter, can play a freezing point hair removal, painless hair removal effect.

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