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Based on the principle of square reconstruction, the scattered light is reassembled into the object in midair without any medium, and the direct interaction between human and real image is realized through the customization of software and operating system and the integration of the somatosensory interactive device.

We only accept custom orders for holographic glass. Displays, computers, sensors, and other related services for holographic devices are not offered. For all services other than the holographic lens, you need to develop or seek the cooperation of associated companies.


Technology leads to the future. Holographic aerial imaging technology is coming. You’ll soon see a wide range of applications in outdoor media, business meetings, smart cars, information security, exhibition displays, smart restaurants, and more. If you are interested, please contact us immediately.

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CHINESELENS's Services Always Go Extra Mile

No more endless wasting time on that complex work of optical components. The goal of chineselens team is to make you sit down and relax. We do all the work, including manufacturing, trade, customs and logistics. Our service team will keep you informed of the progress of our manufacturing and trade.

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OEM & ODM Available

Elite R&D team, providing customized development service. If you have your own design drawing, just send us. And we could also deisgn for you.

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Lighting Fast Delivery

If you do not need custom optical components, only standard optics, and if we have stock, then support fast delivery.

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ISO 9001:2015 Passed

Our company has passed the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification and we work as 6S management.

Our Products

If you have optical components designed or needed to design, just send us your requirements, we will produce glass optical lenses, optical prisms, optical filters, optical windows and any other optical products for you.

Aspheric Lens 1

Molded laser lens

aspheric lens our product

Aspheric lens

Plano Concave Lens K9

Spherical lens

Achromatic Lens 4

Achromatic lens

Half Ball Lens

Glass ball lens

Prism 3

Powell lens

Right Angel Prism 2

Optical prism

Glass Filter 4

Optical filter

Micro Lens Array

Fly's eye lens

glass rod lens 3

Glass rods

Cylinder Lens 3

Cylindical lens

fresnel lens our product

Fresnel lens

Why Choose Chineselens?

With many years of production experience and capability of optical lens, prisms and filters etc, we have become a reliable partner for many companies of laser and quantum physics, institutes and research institutions

We take optical components top quality seriously for our customers. 

We take our customers seriously, and even their orders are little since we desire long-term connections.

Various services to help your business grow fast.

Our company has over 50 workers, and also all of them have years of China sourcing experiences for a variety of items..

Helping clients obtain reasonable product price is one of the key points to make our customers competitive in the market.

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