Fly eye lens, micro lens array


Fused Silica, BK7

Gluing method

Low melting point glass fusion, thermal/photosensitive adhesive gluing

Single lens size

3.0~60mm or customized

Lens array size

20mm~600mm or customized


LCD panel exposure machine, semiconductor exposure machine, optical inspection light source, etc



Fly Eye Lens Diagram


The lens array has a good consistency and excellent performance. The lens is fused silica (or BK7) with a high damage threshold and can withstand very high power. Fly’s-eye lens can be arranged in various sizes, shapes, distribution of lens array.

  • Various focal lengths, periods, widths and heights
  • Line arrangement, square arrangement, hexagonal arrangement, any shape arrangement
  • Spherical, aspheric, aspheric, aspheric, cylindrical mirror
  • The non-uniform arrangement, chirped arrangement, random arrangement
  • Single surface, double surface lens array

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