Fly eye lens


fused silica, germanium, zinc selenide (ZnSe), silicon, BK7, K9, calcium fluoride, PMMA, borosilicate glass


Square, circle, cylindrical, hexagonal


Injection molding, hot embossing, UV molding


Homogenizers, beam shapers, fiber array collimators, high power diode lasers, laser industry, 3D print

Fly Eye Lens Diagram


The lens array has a good consistency and excellent performance. The lens is fused silica (or BK7) with a high damage threshold and can withstand very high power. Fly’s-eye lens can be arranged in various sizes, shapes, distribution of lens array.

  • Various focal lengths, periods, widths and heights
  • Line arrangement, square arrangement, hexagonal arrangement, any shape arrangement
  • Spherical, aspheric, aspheric, aspheric, cylindrical mirror
  • The non-uniform arrangement, chirped arrangement, random arrangement
  • Single surface, double surface lens array

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