Dichroic longpass mirror


Optical glass



Size Tolerance

+0.0/-0.2 mm



Surface quality

60/40, 40/20

longpass dichroic filter

  • Material: K9, Schott, Fused Silica, Corning
  • Size: dia 25.4mm, 25*36mm, or customized <80mm
  • Usage: Beam combination and splitting

The dichroic mirror can separate the light beam according to the wavelength.

The longpass dichroic mirror can be transmitted by the light beam with wavelength higher than the initial wavelength and reflect the light beam lower than the initial wavelength at the same time, and has the characteristics of high transmittance and high reflection.

Our long-pass dichroic mirror has nine cut-on wavelengths of 490 nm, 550 nm, 605 nm, 650 nm, 950 nm, 1000 nm, 1180 nm, 1500 nm, and 1800 nm, and their average transmittance and average reflectivity can reach more than 90% in the specified band range.

Our dichroic mirror has coating on one surface and an anti-reflection coating on the other.

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