Achromatic lens doublet


BK7 or other optical glass, Fused Silica, ZnSe, CaF2

Diameter Tolerance


Focal Length Tolerance

±2% @587.6nm


3 arc minutes

Clear Aperture


Surface quality

Grade IV



Achromatic Lens Diagram

The achromatic lens is far superior to that of a single lens, which is suitable for the demand for imaging and beam control needs.

For different coating, we have chosen three kinds of typical wavelengths to design lenses.

  • For 400-700 nm, we choose 486.1nm, 587.6nm, and 656.3nm;
  • For 700-1100nm, we choose 706.5nm, 855nm and 1015nm;
  • For 1100-1650 nm, we choose 1016nm, 1330nm and 1550nm. The focal length offset can be maintained less than 0.5 mm within the design bandwidth.

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