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Meet most of needs for optical industry design.

Optics Design Service

Chineselens top R & D Strength, can meet most of the optical industry customers design and custom Lens needs, with the ability to provide integrated optical application solutions, a well-established technical team can provide close-fitting and ready-to-use optical technical guidance to customers.

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Optical Design and Custom Lens Service Content

Optical Design and Custom Lens Service Precess

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Optical Design and Lens Customization Types and Industries:

Lens design, Camera design, imaging design, lighting design, laser design (laser system) , projector optical design, solar simulator optical design, coating design, optical technology and so on. Examples of our success are beam expander, Camera Lens, Cassegrain, off-axis three-mirror optical system design, zoom optical system, CCD Machine Vision Lens, Image Center Optical System, Object Center optical system, double Gaussian optical system and LED free curved road lamp Lens, Projection Lens, compound eye lens and Projection System.

Special Note: At present, the Design Department of our company is building a graduate work site with a well-known university in China. The Design Department has launched a comprehensive cooperation with the university and has received the help and support from the university’s leading experts in the optical field All kinds of difficult projects can be carried out in the field of optical design, such as high temperature environment above 1000, ultra wide angle, ultra large aperture and so on.

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